We love to tell visual stories. From a multi-week, international short film to a single day still shoot, Novus Select provides the single visual solution for the modern brand. Our dedicated staff and visual artists deliver at an unparalleled level. 


NS Gallery

Our Network of Talent

Our Service

We manage all things visually creative under the vision and guidance of our clients.

Top Quality

We only work with the best of the best videographers, photographers, directors and crew members.


Our network of media makers is global. Our concentration is in the USA, but we are quickly growing from Sydney to Paris.

Client Centric

We become an extension of our clients’ staff. Always just a phone call away.

Small Footprint

Embracing the newest technology, and bringing a small team with a small footprint, we tell your stories, the stories of your customers and communicate your messages for today’s visually stimulated audience.

Storytelling Tradition

Focusing on our storytelling tradition Novus Select strives to tell client stories in visually rich, exciting and creative ways.

Getting It Done

Our goal is to align the right visual creative team with our clients core messages.


Visual Solutions from NS

Big or small, we’ve got a solution when you need it.